Detailed Guide About IQOS – What You Need to Know

In modern society, individuals who make use of nicotine are always searching for safer methods to deliver nicotine into their system. This is where IQOS comes into play. It is a specialized heating system that makes use of tobacco, the tobacco is wrapped in a particular kind of paper that aids in the delivery of nicotine to its users. The IQOS heatsticks Dubai serves as a medium for where the heat sticks are heated up and the nicotine alongside other components of the tobacco and flavors is released for the user to inhale.

This medium differs from the regular cigarettes which we are used to. Conventional cigarettes typically generate vapor in the presence of high temperatures applied to the tobacco. In contrast, the gadget heats up, but it doesn’t burn the heat sticks which then creates an aerosol that has nicotine as one of its components.

Detailed Guide About IQOS – What You Need to Know - AppExperts


Is It Safer?

The major question the public wants to be answered is to know if the gadget is less harmful than other methods of nicotine delivery. According to the FDA, it is too soon to rule out a verdict on that question. Even though the chemicals which are tagged to cause cancer such as formaldehyde and acrolein are less in the aerosol that is produced, it does not guarantee the safety of the product. The FDA also published that the application of all tobacco merchandise can be dangerous and can lead to the potential addiction of the individual.

Detailed Guide About IQOS – What You Need to Know - AppExperts

Does It Help Reduce Cigarette Consumption?

It is not certain if the use of this device can help people completely quit smoking. According to Dr. Michael Siegel, “if e-cigarettes were not in existence and this device was newly introduced to the market, it would have been a step in the right direction. The major problem we are encountering is the e-cigarettes which is also a non-tobacco burning product that has the same function”.


Is Juvenile Consumption A Cause for Concern

Legally, the gadget is only made accessible to older individuals. Unlike other devices that are popular among youths, the IQOS may not be so popular among juveniles, due to the fact that it is not produced with a variety of interesting flavors and will be sold at high price rates. In another bid to reduce the exposure to the youth, the FDA has limited the advertisement of IQOS, and it is targeted solely towards adults and prohibited the use of radio and television advertising.