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Eight Most Common Types of Video Production Services

Contacting a rent TV studio is the best way to create video content for your business. With the support of an experienced team and essential setup and arrangements, your video production will be top-notch. There are various formats and platforms to publish your video. From long formats to short videos, the production company can handle projects of all scales and sizes

Here is a list of eight services offered by a video production company.

Commercial Videos

Commercials or advertisements have been popular since ages. They still play a huge part in the television advertising domain. Commercial videos can be as short as 30 seconds or they can extend to 90 seconds. The content of these videos can be branded, sponsored or pre-roll. These videos can be animated or scripted.

Event Videos

These videos can be as long as three hours or shorter than forty-five seconds. Teaser videos of weddings are quite popular these days. Such videos come under the category of event videos. Not just weddings, they are used for educational purposes like conducting lectures or holding meetings or any other performances or shows.

Promotional Documentary Videos

Ideally the duration of these videos are thirty minutes. These typically show interviews and conversations with people and employ this method to sell the product/service.

Corporate Videos

Introducing the brand, showcasing its history and achievements are all a part of corporate branding. Training videos for employees and videos for internal circulation can be created with the help of video production companies.

Real Estate Video

Property videos that highlight the features of the project with perfect shots are vital to hasten the sale of projects. The videos shot with drones and other equipment can seize the attention of buyers within seconds. Real estate developers rely heavily on videos to promote their projects.

Explainer Videos

These are typically educational videos that cover a subject in detail. A video production company knows how to deliver such videos without making it dull and monotonous.

Music Videos

Beautiful music videos or even trailers can be made with the support of a director who has the ability to infuse creativity throughout the video. A video production company is known for their immaculate planning and execution.

Social Media Videos

These videos are particularly known for their short format content. Published across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms, businesses rely heavily on such videos to gain visibility.


These are the eight common types of video production service that you can expect from a renowned video production company. Video production companies take the responsibility of planning, organizing and execution. This frees the client from the burden of arranging and supervising everything without professional assistance.

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