Four Reasons to Consider a Cyprus Citizenship Through Investment

Do you want to live a peaceful life with lots of savings and opportunities to invest? If yes, then you can consider the beautiful country of Cyprus for getting citizenship. You would be amazed to realize how simple the process is. Also, you will get tons of governmental support, without any hassles. Whether you are an established businessman or looking forward to creating an empire with Europe as a backdrop, you will enjoy ample scope to grow when you have Cyprus citizenship. Continue reading in order to know in detail about the marked benefits of owning a Cyprus passport.

Europe Becomes Accessible

The advantageous fact that you must know is Cyprus is part of the EU. Hence, after getting citizenship, the European market is open to you. You will face no travel restrictions to any of the countries within the European Union. Also, if you are a travel enthusiast, then you can fully explore the continent and thoroughly relish each moment. The most amazing thing about this is, as a citizen of Cyprus, you can travel to European countries without a passport. Moreover, you can set up your business branch in any of these countries, quite easily.

Tax Benefits

As mentioned earlier, if you have business, gaining citizenship from Cyprus can help you to a huge extent. This is more evident in terms of tax benefits that you receive from the government. Whether you want to open a new branch of an existing business, or get involved in a start-up, the opportunities that you get from Cyprus citizenship are ample from a practical perspective. The corporation tax in the regulated framework of the Cyprus government is merely 12.5%, much lower than other developed countries. Also, there are other lucrative deals in this context that you can fully exploit to enhance your business prospects more than you can imagine.

Scope for Diverse Investments

You would be elated to know that Cyprus has an environment to dwell in diverse investment platforms with minimum risk. You can invest in real estate, or local business. You can also try investing in financial assets in order to get high returns.

Secure Your Family’s Future

When you decide to move to Cyprus with your family, the primary thing about which you can be hundred percent sure is the security that the country offers you. It has a friendly environment. Also, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant administrative fee to get the passports of your loved ones.

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