Kidney Failure in Dogs

Handy Tips to Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight

If your dog has gained a little too much weight and it just isn’t healthy anymore, you may want to intervene. It’s common for older dogs to gain a lot of weight which in turn affects their mobility and makes it harder for them to move around. Losing weight is a difficult process, for us and for dogs. Being overweight comes with a lot of challenges and quite often health hazards as well. Things like diabetes, pancreatitis, joint diseases and kidney failure in dogs all come up from being overweight. It’s important to try and help your dog lose weight, to prevent any health risks.

Incorporate More Protein in Their Diet

The best way to help your dog lose weight is by incorporating more protein it it’s diet. Dogs need protein to help them build lean muscle and carbohydrates are not as important. Make sure you feed your dog more protein than carbohydrates to help it lose weight.

Reduce the Amount of Food

To help your dog adapt to the new weight loss routine, you can feed them a little less than you normally do. Start off by reducing the portion size a little bit for about a week and noting the changes. Sometimes the reason dogs gain so much weight is through overfeeding. Monitoring the portion size is important in helping your dog lose weight and it can help you keep track of the amount of food that is appropriate for weight loss.

Cut Down on Treats

A lot of the treats you give your dog may be contributing to the rapid weight gain. Cut out on the treats for a while and note changes with your dog’s weight. The problem with treats is sometimes when you reduce your dog’s portion of food or feed it a balanced diet, the treats you give could still impact their weight tremendously.

Involve Everyone

If you live in a house with a lot of people, it’s important to involve them in your weight loss journey. This makes it easier for you and prevents anyone from giving your dog anything that could potentially inhibit weight loss. Keep everyone accountable and involved and let them know you’re helping your dog lose weight so they can help you achieve it faster.
Also make sure your dog gets the exercise it needs and eats healthy at all times. Have a notebook where you take note of the whole journey, the things you feed your dog and the weight changes. Stay consistent and make sure everyone has access to the notebook for accountability. If your dog were to get sick due to the excessive weight gain, you’ll need a vet clinic with veterinary surgery equipment in Dubai.

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