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Traffic Rules You Should Follow in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai is exciting. You win freedom to move to whichever place you like when you drive a cheap, rented car. The budget of transport falls drastically for you. But before you avail a car for rent Dubai Abu Hail, you need to be aware of the local traffic rules. You can never undermine the traffic regulations when you drive a car in Dubai city. There are certain basic rules that you should maintain when you drive across various locales in Dubai on a rented car. Read along to know the fundamental rules, and if possible, save them for future reference.

Drive on the Right-Hand Side

Never make the mistake of driving on the left-hand side in Dubai. It is a city where the norm is to drive on the left-hand side. It can be a bit confusing at first if you arrive from a country that has the opposite rule. But it is not difficult to get accustomed to this.

Ensure You Have a Legal Driving License

It is obvious that you need to have a proper driving license in order to enjoy driving a rented luxury sedan or SUV on Dubai roads. In most of the cases the drivers have international driving licenses. Do not commit the mistake of driving with an expired license. There can be a severe penalty for this. Also, do not forge the license information. You will be barred from driving in the country. You can also be deported if you are a tourist.

There are Paid Parking Lots

Keep in mind that irrespective of locations in Dubai, the parking lot is almost always paid. Hence, you need to pay a fee to the service provider when you park the car. You can’t miss this part when you are driving across the city. There may be different rates depending on the nature of the location, period and time of the day when you are parking the vehicle.

Do Not Overspeed

It is a pretty common traffic rule in any country. There are speed limits on various zones across Dubai. If you overspeed, you are penalized by the traffic police. So, do not try to get too excited and overspeed.

Don’t Bribe Policemen

Don’t commit this mistake. The policemen in Dubai are extremely honest. They would penalize you for the act. You will be in jail. Also, you will never get any further permission to drive in Dubai.

Consult a Reliable Expert

You need to consult a trusted expert to know about details of Dubai rent a car traffic rules.

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